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Madam Secretary The Common Defense (HD, TV-PG) Elizabeth's staff works on an international agreement for displaced people and tries to contain an outbreak of measles that endangers Daisy's daughter.
How I Met Your Mother Rabbit or Duck (HD, TV-14) After forgetting to find Ted a blind date for Valentine's Day, Lilly and Marshall use one of Barney's discarded girls; Robin gets invited to a party.
How I Met Your Mother Ted Mosby, Architect (HD, TV-14) After Robin insinuates that Ted's job is boring, Barney takes it upon himself to prove that she is wrong and urges Ted to use his occupational title as a pickup
The Carbonaro Effect The Albino Corn Snake Viper Patrol (HD, TV-PG) Michael poses as a tattoo artist and surprises his clients with some very unorthodox techniques and materials; a routine car checkup turns into a serpent hunt.
The Carbonaro Effect The Framing Canon (HD, TV-PG) Michael Carbonaro transforms himself into a work of art while he works at a framing store, and he gives a woman the scare of her life when he loses his head.

Forensic Files Whodunit (HD, TV-14) Real life imitates art when patrons discover a severely burned body after the end of a performance at a local murder mystery theater.
Forensic Files Horse Play (HD, TV-14) A young couple's horseback ride turns deadly when the woman is thrown, and her family isn't convinced by the autopsy ruling of an accident.
Forensic Files Killer's "Cattle" Log (HD, TV-14) Great Plains police investigate a murder and discover a plot involving drifters, cattle auctions, and hot checks, with an elderly couple behind it all.
Forensic Files Skin of Her Teeth (HD, TV-14) Two boys out fishing find a battered skull in a lake with all of its teeth missing, and police had no clues as to its identity.
Deep Undercover Operation Cayman: Drug Smuggling on High Seas (TV-14)
Deep Undercover Operation Mr. Untouchable: Dethroning Harlem's Heroin King (TV-14)

The First 48 Up in Flames; Drive-By (HD, TV-14) With most of the evidence destroyed, Birmingham detectives attempt to unravel the mystery behind the murder of a man found dead in his burning pick-up truck.
Crime Stories The Boogeyman (TV-PG) Police are called to a trucking yard in Alberta on one rainy night when the body of a six year old girl is found laying face down in the mud.
The FBI Files A Stranger in Town (HD, TV-14) Police discover a woman's dead body abandoned on a Pennsylvania roadside and her identity, as well as the murderer, is revealed through a lab examination.
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